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Show Cause

Statement of Allocution Sample

Walker F Todd Affidavit

Sample Summons Form

Sample Declaration of Independence

Sample docs Abatement

Sample Letter of Credit

Sample Summons for Civil Case

Sample Corpus Forms

Sample Affidavits Denying Corporations

Revoke Voting Registration Sample

Revocation of POA Sample

Public Notice Sample Docs

Public Servants Questionnaire

Refusal of Fraud

Public Notice Info

Property Notice Sign

OLD Mem on Points and Authorities

Obtain a Writ of Execution

Letter of Credit

Notice of Denial Sample

Notice of Jurisdiction

Notice to Public Servant Sample

Legal Notice to Law Enforcement

Instructions Bill of Particulars

How to register as a World Citizen

General Allocution Statment

Coloring Agreement Sample

Examples of BA and Neg Instruments

FOIA Request

Form IN LIEN of Notarization

Claim for Damages

Civil Subpoena Oregon

Asseveration of Facts Opposing SS

AFF Publication

Deeds Are Not Ownership!

Apostille on Royal Estate

How to get Apostille Oregon 2001

Mortgage Sample Docs

BLM Response

ORS 181.350 State Police Restrictions

Legal Notice to Law Enforcement

UCC3-509 TAB 92 Traveling Articles

UCC Lien Example UCC3-419

Red Light Camera Articles

Oregon Vehicle Laws

Judge Dismisses Redlight Tickets

Freemans Right to Travel

The Business of Lawyering

U.S. Supreme Court

California Motor Vehicle Code

Driving is a Right, not Privilege

Subpoena the Lawyers 2002

Precedence Attorney-Client Relationship

Licensing of An Attorney Attorneys Letter Facts

Gold Fringe Flag Admiralty Packet

Are you Subject to Common Law 22 pages

Attorney-Client Relationship

The Commercial Remedy (2)

The Commercial Remedy

Supplemental Rules

National firearms Act

Threat of 14th Amendment

America Wisdom Series 01

Famous Quotes

Letter Of Ashcraft 06

Origin of the 14th Amendment

Webster Dictionary 1956

Top Priority Artical XIII

Titles Of Nobility

The Real Articlel XIII

 Titles of Nobility as of 7-20-93

The Real Amendment Its Mysterious Disappearance

The Missing Thirteenth Amendment

Power Birth Certificate

Paradise Lost, Ratification Found

Letter 13th Amendment

Memo 1993

Original 13th Amendment Found!

Original 13th Amendment – Letters Do You Really Know The 13th AM.

Article XIII

Amend 13 20 sections

13th Amendment Letter

USDOS Diplomat Immunity

13th Amendment 1991

US Commissioners

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

U.S. Suprem Court 

Statutes At Large IRS 1939

Statutes at Large Mar33-Jun34

Tax Lien Law 1966

The Miller Act

Statutes At Large Dec 31-Mar33

Statues of Limitation

Securities Definition

Sample Court Docs

Proof Of Corporate Gov Laws

Public Status At Large USA 1848

Report of the Committe On The Bill Of Rights 1899

Rules of Evidence

Proceedings of Congress 1864

Pro SE Complaints

Precedence Attorney-Client Realationship

Practice in Mandamus Parties

Notary Protest Info

Oregon Police Law

ORS 181.350 State Police Restrictions

Portillo Vs. C.I.R.

More Precedence

Memphis Bank &Trust vs Garner 1983

Mail Order Laws

Laws of New York 1903

Jurisdictional Cites

Land Priddy Vs. OK 1994

Law Dictionary Vol II 1873

Laws about Corporations

Internal Revenue Code 1954

Encounter with The Law

Hill Burton Act

Habevus Corpus Law

Title 28-Judicial Procedure

Court Security Improvement Act of 2007

Discovery Law

Dyett V. Turner 1968

Title 28, Sec 2672 adjustment of claims

Title 28, Sec 2672 adjustment of claims

Title 28 Section 2680

Title 18-Crimes and Criminal Procedure,

Title 19-Conspiracy

Title 13-Census

Title 18 Chapter 7 Sec 112

Title 18 Exhibits

Constitution of The United States of America

Coast Guard

Civil Rico 1985

Civil Case processing info 9th District Court of Appeals

Canons of Judicial Ethics 1968

Cases of the Supreme Court of Oregon Volume 72 1915

Cases of the Supreme Court of Oregon Volume 213 1958

Chapter 13 – Copy

Attorney-Client Relationship

Articles of Association 1774


1861-1876 State Of Archives and Public Records

Affidavits Common Law Courts

AM Jury 2d Desk Book

Laws Of Virginia 1819

Texas Atty General info

OLD OR Corruption News

OR Building Permit Laws

State Of Ohio 1831

Statutes Of Ohio 1833

How to get Apostille Oregon 2001

State Of Ohio 1823

State Of Ohio 1811

Ohio BAR Review and Writing Seminar

29 general Assembly Of Ohio 1831

First Constitution of NJ 1776

48th Legislature New Mexico 2007

Laws of New York 1903

22nd General Assembly Ohio 1823

Laws of Michigan 1833

State Of Maine

Statutes Of Territory Of Kansas

Rights To Privacy

Supreme Court of GA Cases 1854

Proof of Indiana & Co

Revised Statutes 1838

Bill Of Rights – Amendment

Form 8854

FOIA Request

Formal Request for Production of Documents

Kissinger VS Reporters

How to Lose against a Gov. Corporation

Denying the Existence of Government Corporations


Affidavit Denying Existence of Corporation

Laws about Corporations

OLD Mem on Points and Authorities

Proof Of Corporate Gov Laws

Proof of Indiana & Co

Are you a Subject of GB

US is a Foreign Corporation

The Corporation Scam

Sample Affidavits Denying Corporations

Constitution and Resources of British Empire

End of Habeas Corpus in GB

Peace Treaty US and Britain 1783

The Ultimate Delusion


AIDS Virus Did Not Come From Monkeys

AIDS Cover Up

US Is Still a British Colony

Full Disclosure The Truth About AIDS

New Evidence on Man-made Origin of AIDS

One World One Hope AIDS

Planned Depopulation Thru Disease 

Hydrogen Peroxide

Cancer Cure info 

Wonder Food

Ancient Mysteries

Articles of Association 1774

Bolshevik Propagadana 1919

History of the LIE

Flag and Pledge History

Flag 1952 Enc. Britannica

OCC history

Peace Treaty US and Britain 1783

The Lost 10 Tribes

Timeline of History

R. Redford Artical 1992

Calif Brith Certificate info

Anchorage, Alaska 13th Amendment

Fort Laramie Treaty 1868

Chief Seattle Speaks 1854

Enabiling Act of 1819

Treaty With The Rouge River 1853

Articles of a Treaty 1868

California Franchise Tax Board

Judicial Courts of California–Shasta

State Of Colorado 1861

Constitution of the People of Florida

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