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Redemption Packages

Our many years of experience have created a consortium of specialists, who have developed various packages for the education and entertainment of students.  These are supported by ongoing research and development from hundreds of our associates.

Many of the Educational and Entertainment Packages are extensive complex processes.  We offer Customized Packages with an assigned Communication Specialist for guidance, review, training and support of the Student for a fuller  educational and entertaining experience.

Packages are contracted with students.

Customized Redemption Packages:

NOW ONLY $400.00!  –  Single Beings



Divine Will and ESTATE IN DEED:

  • A Will – Beneficiary Designation, Funeral Specifics, and Executor Appointment included
  • Asseveration of Status
  • Statement of Truth
  • Security Agreement
  • Price List
  • Hold Harmless Agreement
  • Participation in International Tort
  • In itinere – Mission Statement

  • UCC Filing verbage provided for you to file your state UCC-1 and UCC-3 forms to secure your private Estate. UCC 1 BLANK FORM  UCC 1 INSTRUCTIONS UCC1AD blank ucc3 blank ucc3ad blank
  • Will and Estate Workbook for descriptions, information and education
  • Commercial package documents to use in administering your Estate
  • Establishing the recovery of competency and practice by acting in Sacred Authority within state, federal and commercial worlds
  • Redemption of your legal estates which controls all trusts
  • Recover status as a competent Divine Being with sovereign authority from the Universal Creator by Divine Trust
  • Affidavit of Facts that secures your inclusion into the International Tort Claim for the damages done to you and your Estate
  • Redeeming your status as a Divine Being
  • Educating and teaching the process of controlling your Estate, locating Live Birth Certificates and securing your STATE BIRTH CERTIFICATE.

Redemption/UCC Process/Will and ESTATE


Divine Will and IN DEED: Develop an understanding of the power and context of the Divine Will with the authority in the Occupant of the Executor Office.  How rights and Benefits are mis-taken, mis-conveyed, withheld and mis-directed. Examine the recovery of competency by acting in Sovereign Authority within the commercial worlds.  This Educational Package will have several financial levels to enable us to assist Students in the preparation of the Divine Will IN DEED process. A workbook and DVD/CD package is included. Keep your eye on the website and Divine Bulletin for new books and products.

It is often difficult or impossible for one who is incarcerated to execute the UCC and sovereign process from behind prison bars.  It is strongly recommended that an outside contact or family member is available to assist with the process for those individuals that are incarcerated.  They will need Power of Attorney for the person who is to receive the Redemption process.  We will supply the form with the package. We offer POA services at ARBTO for those who do not have a qualified POA. Contact ARBTO for more details.

Check the services you would like on the brochure, include a money order and return it to us. Redemption is not, nor has ever been, designed to get anyone out of prison.  It is a process in which you become a secured party creditor, to take commercial control of the STRAWMAN and/or Cestui Que Trusts and is a key to controlling interests. This process is available to all residents of the united States of America. If you are a non-resident alien, without a social security number, you cannot participate in the Redemption process.

Q: The question has been presented recently and frequently:  “I would like to know if you are aware of any new and current court cases on this Redemption jurisdiction issue that may help me better understand what I’m doing…”

A:  Redemption is not a jurisdiction issue.  Redemption is a private matter involving one’s right to redeem the property, due to the acts and fraud of the government since the US bankruptcy in 1933 and a 1000 years before, where they pledged all of your property to the state, lost you at sea and claim you as chattel.  This is covered in our History, Canon Law and Holy Sea Workbooks in depth.

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