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Reclamation/PIAP Package ON SALE UNTIL JULY 15, 2015 for $2750.00


review fee will be included upon full payment to the $2750.00 total costs. 

Our many years of experience have created a consortium of specialists, who have developed various packages for the education and entertainment of students.  These are supported by ongoing research and development from hundreds of our associates.

Many of the Educational and Entertainment Packages are extensive complex processes.  We offer Customized Packages with an assigned Communication Specialist for guidance, review, training and support of the Student for a fuller  educational and entertaining experience.

$500.00 –  

Case Review Fee – Mandatory before acceptance of case by the company for PIAP document production.  This is a non-refundable fee.  Upon notification of acceptance by ARBT, INC., the $500.00 will be applied to the $4000.00 package fee.*

* prerequisite for all PIAP packages –

Tort and Claim Package for Prisoners –

$4,000.00 – All-Inclusive Package 

For damages and injuries. This includes prisoner claims and other types of events.  INCLUDES: Mandatory Signature Package, Notary Package – Applies to all Tort and Claim Packages – includes all shipping, Notary Signatures, Clean Bill of Lading, Notary Certificate of Default and Dishonor. Customized Process (Up to 2 Respondents included.  $385.00 per additional Respondents)

(PIAP) Educational Package guides the prisoner and/or Power of Attorney through the Tort and commercial processes.

These processes are designed to acquire remedy and create financial securities for the potential of monetizing of Accounts Receivables and SECURITY interests.

Custom Tort and Claim Package for Legal Issues

$4,000.00 – 

All-Inclusive Package for damages and injuries. This includes prisoner claims and other types of events.  INCLUDES: Mandatory Signature Package, Notary Package – Applies to all Tort and Claim Packages – includes all shipping, Notary Signatures, Clean Bill of Lading, Notary Certificate of Default and Dishonor. Customized Process (Up to 2 Respondents included.  $385.00 per additional Respondents)

Customized Educational Package provides all the tools necessary to deal with the injury and damage from authorities, police and prosecuting attorneys.


Tort and Claim Package: Guides the Student through the tort and commercial process.  These processes are designed to acquire remedy and create financial securities for the potential of monetizing of Accounts Receivable and SECURITY interests. To acquire remedy for the damages and injuries caused by harmful actions of others.

The process will take from 120 to 180 days from the time it is started, as the billing statements alone take 90 days.  This package consists of six shipments or steps involving a variety of notices, affidavits and opportunities to cure.  This comes with a Workbook. This is an extensive detailed process $4000.00. No type of collection of the final security interests is included.


Please DO NOT mail in long letters of your history or case or pages of questions or court documents (unless we specifically ask for them).

   These processes are private, non-judicial processes and do not involve attorneys, judges or courts.  In some cases, certified copies of processes may be filed into a court action to give notice to the court as evidence of the agreement by the agent that there was no crime, no jurisdiction and/or no controversy for the court to adjudicate.  This is best done prior to a court matter or date to appear or before trial.  Normally these processes do not involve the courts.

   We will not do any of the processes according to your dictates.  These processes are systematic and are completed step-by-step.

   As stated on the attached rate sheet, payment is to be made by money order or secured funds payable to ARBTO, INC.   You may also submit payment via institutional check from the prison.

    We are happy to answer basic questions from your outside contact via email send to info@asbez.com.  For more lengthy detailed questions, we offer consultations for a fee of $50.00 per ½ hour or $100.00 per hour. Appointments and prepayment with mailed in money order or cashier’s check are required.

   Be aware that we will not walk anyone through the Redemption/Will & Estate process nor are we able to answer dozens of questions.  PLEASE SEE THE FREE WEBINAR OR THE DVD PACKAGE FOR MORE TRAINING.  It is your responsibility as well as that of your outside contact to educate yourselves to the reality of being a secured party creditor as well as the state of the country in historical fact.  Check out the Workbooks.

   Please know that we need your support via Divine Bulletin subscriptions.  A sign up subscription form is attached, pass them around to friends and family. Those funds are what keep us able to research and develop our workbooks, training and materials packages.  Please review the subscription form that is attached for details

Disclaimer: All information and documentation is for educational and entertainment purposes only. Use at your own risk.  Consult professionals in their respective fields. Not Responsible nor liable for accidents, misuse and/or results of any type of use or reliance.

Introduction to Reclamation/PIAP, An Educational Package

 This is just quick letter to bring you up to date on our ‘New’ Private International Administrative Process (PIAP).In this PRIVATE process we have morphed the CAFV and Tort Claim process into one process which is more dynamic, more in tune with the Administrative Procedures Act, and is geared to address the injuries and monetary damages of your matter.

Before we go further, you need to understand two things. 1) You are ‘Private’, in that you do not belong to ‘government’, you are not a party to their constitution and are outside of their statutes.This is based on the principle that ‘We the people’ formed the government, wrote the constitution as ‘their’ binding contract/compact, and we did not, as the principals, place ourselves inside that compactto operate upon us! Only we, in our private capacity contracts with the government (Driver license, marriage license, etc.) are bound by statute.  And since you do not have a ‘Membership Card’ to your local corporate non-constitutional court to help raise revenue for the county and state, you are private with private, God-given rights…

Therefore, your remedy is not to first run and hire an attorney,then go file an action (and create a controversy) in court.And, being somewhat unprepared, to then watch your attorney sit on his thumbs and fail to do the job he was hire to do because 1) his first allegiance is to the court, not you and 2) he cannot represent you in your ‘private’ capacity, as he only represents the ‘corporate fiction/Entity’ (that NAME) you find on the driver license, the check book, SS Card and as named on the court document called a complaint, etc.

Our FIRST DUTY AND RESPONSIBILITY is to become our own ‘investigator’; to gather the evidence and at the same time exhaust your ‘Private Administrative Process’ by sending appropriate communiqués to your Respondent(s) and pass to them the ‘energy’ to them to bring all evidence or otherwise and testify to you by the process that they’re right, your wrong and everything they did, especially if it’s a government agent/officer/employee you are dealing with, or a corporation, mortgage company, bank, etc., they have to perform per the Administrative Procedures Act, do the right and honorable thing and respond and provide on a case by case basis, certain number of items and documents and agree to the terms and conditions. If they fail or refuse to do so, they’re toast! YOU WIN!  At that time, the rest of the process is ministerial to secure their ‘agreement’,bill them and create the security interest and lien as applied to your monetary damages… that they also have agree to!

 2)Contract is the Law and Law is Contract! If you were going to walk into a court, wouldn’t you want to go in with the matter already won, in your favor and have ‘agreement’ of your tort feasors/Respondents that they are in full agreement and they owe you monetary damages?

[So if you had the choice, why would you go into a court, in a foreign adversarial setting, on board ship, flying the US Admiralty Flag, accepting their foreign jurisdiction and commands and taking a gamble of the outcome and having to deal with the attorney that cannot represent you in your matter and as case history shows, they fail 98 times out of a 100 they just drop the ball at your expense? And that is the NORM!]

So, with that foundation laid, the following is a general description of the PIAP process:

How long does it take?

The ‘NEW’ process takes about 140 days(+/-), but we also have ‘process scheduling’ due to the number of clients on hand and in some cases due to events or otherwise that may occur, there can be some delays!

What is involved in the process?The ‘PIAP’ consists of five Shipments or ‘Notices’. Sent to the Judge in charge, private corporations (attorneys), Risk Management, Director of Prisons, Banks, City Police, County Employees, Private Corporation Employees, Private Individuals, ect.

First Notice consists of Manifest of Cargo listing Title Page, Security Flag Notice, Parties, Cause of Action, Affidavit of Status, Affirmation of Facts in Memorandum in Support, Acceptance Agreement, Specific Negative Averments, Command For The Production of Documents, Consent Agreement, Private Contract and SECURITY AGREEMENT, Pre True Bill and Accounting, PRE-INVOICE, Revocation of Power of Attorney (created by government!), Limited Power of Attorney (if needed), with Proof of Shipping and Cargo,Bill of Lading and others.

Second Notice consists of Manifest of Cargo listing Title Page, Parties, Notice of Fault, Security Flag, Consent Agreement, Admissions and Stipulations, Opportunity to Cure and Settlement, INVOICE, True Bill and Accounting and Witnesses Affidavit of Non-Response,Pre-INVOICE, INVOICE, with Proof of Shipping and Cargo, Bill of Lading and others.

Third Notice consists of Manifest of Cargo listing Title Page, Parties,Notice of Default, Security Agreement, Opportunity to Cure and Settlement,INVOICE, PRE-INVOICE, Agreed Facts, Pre True Bill and Accounting with Proof of Shipping and Cargo, Bill of Lading and others.

Fourth Notice consists of Manifest of Cargo listing Title Page, Parties, Declaration of Claim, Consensual Agreement Addendum including Finding of Facts and Conclusion of Law, Final True Bill and Accounting, INVOICE, Notice of Delinquent INVOICES, PRE-INVOICE and Proof of Shipping and Cargo, Bill of Lading and others.

[Note: that the billing part of the process must take 30 days per each Bill/Invoice! After all five shipments have been completed]

Fifth Notice consists with the Manifest of Cargo listing , INVOICE, Delinquent INVOICES, Commercial Affidavit of Obligation and other instruments Proof of Shipping and Cargo, Bill of Lading.

  • Power of Attorney Packages are available for a variety of processes and special needs. Contact office for Prices. 

  • In some cases, the Student will need someone who is their Power of Attorney, for the Educational Package and process.  We can be happy to assist in contracting with a qualified individual for a limited power of attorney for a specific need/action only.  Prices will vary according to the Package and process that the Student is executing. 

*  Private Consultations are available for $50.00 per half an hour.  Call Office to schedule appointment.

We will need facts statement(s) dealing with your matter, and a case overview, typed out, from 1 to 3 pages. We may require or request additional information or documents on case by case basis! See Case review $500.00 Mandatory Fee.

What will you need from me to do the process?Per this PIAP process, we will need a signed and notarized Student Contract that we will provide along with an information sheet to be filled by you. We will need the names and addresses of all ‘Respondents’ (those you are or have to deal with) on that case by case basis, and if court was involved; judges, attorneys, clerk of court and any others similar ‘agents’ (up to 3 Respondents then $385.00 additional Respondent after that). Try to supply the other needed addresses (Risk Management, etc.).

Note; we reserve the right to alter or amend the process under necessity without notice.The process is proprietary and is soon available for one to do, on their own. It is very extensive, detailed and specific. It is very easy to create a problem if you do not really understand the questions, to ask, the information that is really needed and whom it is directed properly to. For those incarcerated, it would very difficult to do the process (produce it and mail it out) and you will have to have some one on the outside (your POA) do the process.Keep in mind that the facility/mail room can interfere with your process going out, things coming back in to you and your process could be hampered with or brought to a standstill!  If you miss something, then the Process is not complete and you will not receive the potential for monetization of 2 (TWO) in the end.

In most cases, the process will be sent to you to follow the instructions for signing, notarizing and mailing out, for each step/Notice as referenced above.We do not guarantee the process. What works in one situation does not work in another. This is a specialized combination of process that we have specially designed upon decades of experience, to give the best opportunity possible for success.

In this process, the Student will need to have two witnesses to witness where needed and will need a Notary not only to notarize affidavits and the like, but also to ‘mail’ out the packages pursuant to his/her ‘Proof of Shipping and Cargo/Bill of Lading’ as part of the process. You will have to cover some copying (some pages in color!) and certified mailing fees and one (1) ‘Registered’ mailing fee. We provide all Shipping Services through our contracted Notary Services Package. We pre-addressed envelopes for all sections of the process if you want to mail them.

The monetary damages side of the tort and commercial process can be discussed, but the majority of the monetary value will be based upon the ‘Price List’ that lists the injuries/, monetary damages expressed, documented or assessed, on a case by case basis.The monetization of the security interest is not included in this process, IT IS A SEPARATE PROGRAM AND PROCESS. The Commercial Recovery Package.We prepare the documents in the Program and process for that final aspect, because every Student’s needs and case is unique and different.

For those that are incarcerated:We will need facts statement(s) dealing with your matter, any and all violations of due process (if any), a case overview (1 to 5 pages!), a copy of the/a contract, or particular document if any, and if a court was involved, a copy of your/the Complaint, Information or Indictment, Final/Up to date Court Dockets and any particular document(s) that is critical for us to see. We may require or request additional information or documents on case by case basis!  ALL FILES /DOCUMENTS FROM COURTS ARE TO BE SENT SCANNED ON A DRIVE OR DISK AS READ ONLY PDF FILES.… but do not send an inch thick packet or a box of court papers… as they will be sent back! )

In addition to all of the aforementioned documentation, you or your outside contact/family member will have to have Power of Attorney from you, your POA. Of course, we cannot guarantee the process as far as release, but the other side/Respondent(s) will agree to the monetary damages and will agree to release via the process, but still, ‘we’ cannot guarantee release! We also reserve the right to refuse any case for whatever reason based upon review of statement of facts and the case overview.If you are interested call 541-779-7709.


Thank you! Please tell a friend about us and our Services.

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