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 Our Credential Products – Get picture IDs that validate

your status and standing. Great for using in a world that requires Picture IDs. We have

three ID’s that are available in color. Individually cost is (1) One  $80.00 each  or ALL

(3) Three for $200.00 includes 2 year Press pass upgrade to 5 year in (3) card Package

for just $40.00 more this is a total of $70.00 in savings. For a total of $240.00!!!

This 3 Card Package is a     LIMITED TIME OFFER ONLY.

·      UCC ID Card $80.00

  • Press Pass ID Card (Get “their” attention and make “them” watch what “they” say and do) 2 Year $80.00
  •    5 Year $120.00
  • Private Attorney General ID Card (Declaring your Private Status and Powers of Authority)  $80.00
  • LIMITED TIME OFFER 3 ID Cards with 2 Year Press Pass $200.00
    • LIMITED TIME OFFER 3 ID cards with 5 year Press Pass $240.00

What we need to complete ID’s:

  • 2 Passport Photos,
  • Copy of UCC 1 filing with file number in right corner
  • Current address or P.O. Box
  • Physical description of height, weight eye color, hair color
  • Date of Birth
  • 3 of your signatures in separate areas on a BLANK piece of paper.

Mail Money Order and Information to: ARBT, INC. P.O. Box 288 East Butler, PA 16029 541-779-7709 for ???? Use This address ONLY!!! Mail all info and money orders (3 day Priority Mail)


 USE THIS ADDRESS!!!!!Mail Money Order and Information (3 Day Priority Mail) to: ARBT, INC. P.O. Box 288 East Butler, PA  541-779-7709 for ????



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