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Services offered by ARBT, INC.

Will and Estate– become the Authorized Agent of the STRAWMAN, who becomes a BENEFICIARY through the ‘Last Will and Testament’. By placing the All Cap Vital Record Birth Certificate into the Estate, ( UCC1 lien) all value of it $$$$ goes into the Estate. No dollar amount is determined because it is unknown, so why restrict what it is worth by placing a $$ amount on it. You then become the Secured Party Creditor over your own Estate, for who else should have the first lien on it? We teach you how to handle Creditors and Create your own money. Take control, identify, secure and learn the process of business and commerce to manage, administer, thus developing your personal Estate. 55 pages of custom documents, 3 disks and (2) UCC1 filing prepared. Disks and UCC 1 filings are sent (to outside contact for completion of filings for the incarcerated )online or in state prisoner is located in. A total of over 11 hours of audio training and over 600 pages of workbooks, sample forms and information on CD come with your custom package. CALL TODAY!!!!

This update to the Redemption process is a must for all Divine Beings. This detailed and extensive package costs only $400 and must be paid in full with money order or cashier’s check.

 Private International Administrative Remedy Process (PIAP) SALE $3100.00 through June 2016 must complete Will and Estate Package 1st or they will just take the final damages and injuries and keep them!!!

Private consultations are available at a rate of $100 an hour- Write out ??? send with $$$$

>>>ARBT, INC. is also offering the Redemption – Will and Estate package for a record low price. This package is now only $480! 04/01/16 Prices are subject to change without NOTICE.

Please call for the Call Center phone number below for ordering instructions. Contact ARBT, INC. Mail Center c/o PO Box 288 East Butler,  PA 16029 Call Center 541-779-7709       

Redemption Package – NOW ONLY $480.00! Call 541-779-7709 for more details!  LIMITED TIME OFFER!!!!!!!!


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